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Any Jebao experts?


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Jebao customer service is lousy, and I have a feeling this thread would get buried on a big forum in a hurry. Question for you guys and gals


As I continue to slowly build up the 150 gallon I am at a flow conundrum. Ideally, I’d get a quartet of MP60’s or maybe a pair of Gyre XF280’s. But....even being in this hobby for as many years as I have, I simply cannot reconcile the cost of those options. Having had a tunze and a vortech to kaput on me in the past, I simply don’t trust that spending 1-2 grand on powerheads will result in a “you get what you pay for” situation.


I digress. 60”x24”x24”. All sps. Shooting for 100x turnover or more.


Considering a quartet of jebao OW60’s


Here’s my question. Can you do two master and two slaves? I understand if you set one master pump it will automatically detect any nearby controllers and any assign them as Slaves. I’d ideally like to have two masters on one side and two slaves on another that way I could program a gyre flow using the stock controllers if that makes sense. But I don’t understand how that will work logistically when setting the controllers.


My apex is pushing 7 years old and I don’t expect it to hang in there much longer, won’t be purchasing a new one. So apex control isn’t something I’d like to rely on



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I do not claim to be an expert on them, but I do believe there is a way.


I currently have 2 set on my 20 gal nano, and 2 more on my 55 gallon. Different rooms but close enough that one would think they would all pair, but they did not.

So it is possible. I would try pairing them first, and if it did not work as planed, try using an extension cord to distance from the set you have already paired.

Might need to hide the cord in or behind something. But yes I do have 2 sets, both set to one master one slave.

And yes, I totally agree Jeboa does not have anything for customer support.

I will move my set over to my larger tank in the morning to test the theory and post my results tomorrow for you.

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