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New to ARC and saying hello.  We had reef tanks in the late 90s and just got back into the hobby about two years.  We had three tanks for a while (75 gallon cannister, RedSea and a Biocube).  Last January we paired down,  consolidated some and upgraded to a 125 gallon sump tank.  We are in the process if setting up a 50 gallon frag tank now (currently cycling).  Looking forward to participating in the forum and club!

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Oh, you are gonna have a lot of fun with that big tank PLUS a frag tank!  You should start a build thread and put up pix :)

I went to high school in Killeen, KHS class of '77.  I keep threatening to go back some day and see how much its changed.  

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Howdy, and welcome.
Have you guessed we like photos? Especially progressive ones. We have a special forum for that. Great to see your builds and maybe pick up a few ideas from there as well.

Welcome to ARC!

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These are pics of our 125 gallon tank.  It has a ghost overflow, dual Dursos with a Trigger Crystal 36 sump.  It's been running since late January this year.  It's starting to come together but I'm still working to refine quite a few things.  If only work didn't take up all my tine!!  The frags in the front of the tank will move to our frag tank once its ready.  I'll get some of our frag tank build in the other forum soon.







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Thanks, appreciate your complements.  😀

Most things are really starting to take off. Our zoas, ducans, and of course all the leathers.  Our RBTA is doing great too.  He moved with his maroon clown from our last tank and I'm really pleased he settled in.

But, more than anything I'm  amazed by the Hollywood Stunner chalice.... I've fragged 5 pieces from the original piece and they are all 3 inches across already.  They'll need ne homes soon.

Our Goniopora is doing well but our bubble coral is struggling.  I've tried many places but nothing seems to make him very happy... yet.  I'll get it eventually!    

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