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DSA 190g and equipments SOLD


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Hi guys.

Its been a long time i got back in here. I need to sell this setup that i had for 8 plus years. A few minor scratches here and there....barely noticed. 

Its DSA 190g, 27x27x60in, a room divider setup. I build stand and canopy. I build a 40g breeder for a sum using 2 4" filter socks. 

Vertex In180 skimmer with 8 months olds sicce psk 1500 pump.

1 yr old mag 18 return.

2x 54w t5 supplement with workhorse 5 ballast.

100lbs of sand and 200 lbs of rocks (mix of fiji and base rocks)

1 tunze wave box 7092 and 1 6091. I used em as circulation pumps. I stil had boxes. They both plug in APC battery back up in case of power outtage.

DIY recirulating biopellet with sicce pump ( i think 350gph)

DIY cal reactor with ehiem 1048. 10lbs Co2 tank and spare 5lbs tank. Reef fanatics gauge and solenoid with buble counter.

I am looking to sell for $1000 OBO.

If u need to see it or pics just contact me at 5129037773

Thanks for looking.







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