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Turbo's Aquatics - Algae Turf Scrubber - L8 Large NEW


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Brand new Turbo's Aquatics L8 Algae Turf Scrubber

Never installed, not in original box. The main components are all here and LED work great as they are NEW. There may be some of the secondary parts I can't find like extra PVC slip tubing, screen, etc parts that can be picked up most likely locally from big box stores, or ordered online. 

It does come with 2 of his prototype drain control valves that he is working on mass producing. Contact Bud for info on how all that works.

Please read up and ask me all questions before purchase. I promise you I know very little about this thing, but will try to answer my best.

https://www.turbosaquatics.com/features.html  - All you need to know can be found here and on the many R2R threads with people who love these things. The original parts list is here if you want to look it over and compare to what I have listed. 

This one is supposed to "clean" or whatever up to 8 cubes of food a day worth of gunk from your tank. Not sure how that's a measurement, but that's how he labels them.

Each side of this thing has 32 algae growing LED on dimmable drivers.

This case measures 17" x 11" x 6" + fittings etc.

RETAIL - $849 +$45 shipping. 

If you read through his threads you can get an idea of his current lead times etc. Seems like it's usually about a month out on certain sizes.

Here, now, in hands - $OLD - as-is.









20180826_132206.jpgplastic mounting "brackets" 24" 



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3 hours ago, o0zarkawater said:

If you read through his threads you can get an idea of his current lead times etc. Seems like it's usually about a month out on certain sizes.

I practically begged this guy (Turbos Aquatics maker, not oOzarkawater) to sell me an ATS. Begged for months. He's not interested. Incredibly frustrating. Told me to buy second hand, too busy.

If this were the right sized unit for my tank, I'd buy immediately.

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Yeah, he seems to have great reviews and seems to answer questions on R2R, but building these is his second job and he made some comments about his real job getting super busy and so he doesn't have time right now. So busy catching up on current orders as well.

Why not just buy this, then upgrade your tank to match?

I could probably sell it in a heartbeat if I was an active R2R member and felt like posting in his threads. I like my ARC tho.

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its a pretty simple/decent design.  mebbe i shoudl practice my acrylic skillz and start making these.  w/ the proper jig, should be relatively easy?  my concern is the heat from the led's warping / yellowing the plexi.  are the side windows glass?

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[email protected] dude, wait for him to pick it up before you go posting that! I'm holding you liable!

In reality there are dozens of awesome DIY threads out there on these things, including ones from Bud - the maker of Turbo's.

The fact that Seth wants this one leads me to believe he's done his research and has probably been wanting to get this one to try for a while (or already has one or two?). I think of him as a very capable dude when it comes to plumbing and DIY tank stuff, who also likes to drop a bit of cash on the higher quality equipment when it suits. He'll be pretty happy with it, or make it work better, or just pay it forward to the next guy.

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I have done my research and Jim and I both have L4's on our frag tanks.  He has an l4 or and l8 on his display.  We both have been running them for years.  To say I'm familiar is an understatement.  Most scrubbers are made from glued acrylic which can be prone to leaking and or separation from twisting.  This is one of the few things that doesn't need to be tinkered with.  They run like a Ferrari right out of the box hence worth the cash drop.

Turbos is not made of plexi, They are injection molded uv resistant plastic.  No seams, Darn near leak proof with quality LEDs.  I run a L4 on my 6' frag from its inception over 2 years ago.  This one is Going on my 450.  The only way you will see it for sale is if I upgrade to a L16.  Which in reality I would just get the parts from bud as a L16 is 2 8's stacked.  In my opinion the finest scrubbers on the market.  Pricy though with long waits as said.  

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