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Sea Clear Acrylic 50gal Tank, Stand, PM sump SOLD


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Sea Clear aquatic 50gallon drilled acrylic tank & steel stand. Precision Marine sump. 

Whole system $OLD


Was running as a kids tank recently. It does have scratches like it was cleaned with the wrong pad. Not super visible when filled. Great office tank, qt, kids tank. Not DT unless you aren't picky. Light enough you could most likely buff clear pretty easy with the right pads.

Tank 36*15*20

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000634H50/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_dMCGBbHHTME5S I do have that freshwater light somewhere. No bulb.

Stand 36*19*30








Tank & Stand $OLD


Precision Marine Sump with ATO float valve installed. $OLD

Pretty sure this is an older R30  version.



There are 2 cracks that have been repaired with acrylic glue, both front corners, above the water line. Was in use no problems or leaks. Repaired with acrylic weld.



Pair with kessil, rock, skimmer, pumps from my other threads. The ES100 was running on this system.

Georgetown nights and weekends, arboretum area during weekday.

OBO, combo deals between my sale threads.

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Nobody needs a second tank for anything?

The brown on the bottom of both the tank and sump are just the original paper from the acrylic on the outside that was never removed. I don't have a good plastic scraper so I'm not planning on scratching it up trying to remove.

Make me an offer.

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