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140g Oceanic Glass Aquarium Complete Setup SOLD!


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Hello fellow enthusiasts! This has been a hard decision to make, but I have a 140 gallon Oceanic glass aquarium for sale with everything it had while running besides the sand. This includes the custom stand (with an open back) and cover; glass canopy; Coralife light fixture with two 250W halide ballasts, halide bulbs, daytime lights and led moonlights; complete plumbing; protein skimmer and bioballs; and a few extra accessories like minerals, nets, magnetic aquarium cleaner, timers to run the lights and 8 buckets. I also have all the formerly live Fiji rock in styrofoam crates and one bucket.


Tank 50.5" x 25.5" x 34" (height measured with cabinet cover on, the tank is probably about 31" tall)

Stand 50.5" x 26" x 32"

Total height 66"

I bought this setup from a friend who owned an aquarium business in New Hampshire for $2000 back in 2010. I lived in Massachusetts at the time and had it setup for about a year and a half. It was my first tank and with my friend's help I learned how to cycle tanks, balance PH, all the good stuff. I loved it and had a pretty good ecosystem going, the fish were happy and the live rock had almost finished turning purple. I ended up moving to Texas in 2012 and had plans of setting up the aquarium, but had to put it in storage instead. It's been in storage for the last 6 years and I've finally decided to sell it since I am moving out of state and want to downsize. I cleaned it up the best I could with the limited time I had while moving from Massachusetts to Texas, but it's not as clean as I would like it to be before selling it. I haven't been able to leak test it since it's been in storage for 6 years. If I were setting it up again I would consider resealing it just to be safe. The buyer would have to pick it up from my storage unit in South Austin. It is on the second floor but there is an elevator so moving it shouldn't be too bad. I would strongly recommend bringing at least 2 people, preferably 3, since the tank is probably 300 to 400 lbs.

The tank never leaked and there’s only one nearly invisible scratch from sand getting stuck between the magnetic cleaner and glass. The cabinet has a few spots that could use black touch up paint and one of the legs on the light fixture is slightly loose but fully functional (it was sold to me that way). Those are the only things wrong with everything that I can see or recall.

I'm starting it off at $600; but considering what I've already mentioned, plus the time it would take to cycle the Fiji rock, I am open to offers. These are really good tanks and I'd like to see it go to a buyer who would appreciate it. At this time I'm not interested in parting everything out, I'm selling it as is. The only concession I'm willing to make is taking the Fiji rock out if the buyer already has live rock. The minerals are probably expired, but if you want them they're yours. I've tried to be as thorough as possible in detailing what I'm selling, but I have been out of the aquarium loop for 6 years so I apologize if I'm confusing anyone.

The last time I went to my storage unit I forgot to take a picture of the tank. Since I live in College Station I'll have to take a current picture the next time I'm in Austin. At this time I'm not interested in parting out since I don't have the time or gas money to travel back and forth repeatedly. 



2011-07-29 19.19.12.jpg












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