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School Starts SPS Sale...splendid savings surprise! [emoji38]

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Sorry for the alliteration, I had to! [emoji16]


I've got a few frags that have been encrusting for a while and are moving from "frag" status to "mini colony" status pretty soon. I would love to move them along before things start growing into each other.


Red dragon frags - $20

Mother colony:





DaM mille - $30




Myagi Tort - $30 (tow bottom purple frags)

Reefwise purple something - $20 (upper frags in the picture with the greenish tips)ba3f8997333aea9286ecd1651d11eae3.jpg



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1 hour ago, datBme150 said:

how durable is the purple thing?

which purple thing are you referring to? In my experience both have been pretty hardy. The myagi tort has been in the hobby for a while and even survives constantly being stung by my magnifica anemone. Both are quick growers too.

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