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Avast Marine ATO-sold


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Magnetic Avast Marine ATO (no feed pump) with float value and pressure sensor (wired for break out box) - Two kits available. $25 each or will sell both for $45. https://avastmarine.com/collec…/avas...oducts/ato-kit.

I had the float valve plumbed via 1/4" RO tubing to my top off tank. This held my sump at a constant level. I had the pressure sensor rigged to my Apex through a break out box to send me an alert in case my float valve jammed with a snail and dumped all of my top off water into the tank.

I had the exact same setup plumbed and wired to my top off tank which was connected to my RODI.

2018-06-28 21.00.43.jpg

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