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Par measurements

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First off, huge shout out Merman for taking time our of his day to drive cross town and took my par measurements for my tanks! You rock for that man! Can not thank you enough!

Second off, i have been hunting for any type of reference guide that would help when placing corals, and came across this. Maybe if anyone that has some spare time   Could give it a look over and see if the numbers are correct.

Now that I know that I have poor lighting after having my par reding done I have moved things around accordingly and they seemed to be thriving now.

 I also hope that it can help beginners like me to understand coral placement.



Coral Chart.pdf

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I guess if an aquarist had no information at all about a coral that might be a place to start.   Much better success will be attained by getting the environmental conditions a coral was grown under and matching them.   The photobiology, which affects how a coral looks, grows and bleaches,  will vary by not only by species, but also by genotype, spectrum, intensity, zooxanthellae species/clade, autotrophic or heterotrophic feeding, flow and prior environemntal experiences.   

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