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Rubbermaid container of misc reef stuff-sold


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$40 takes it all

Won Brothers 150w titanium heater (must have standalone controller)  http://products.marinedepot.com/won_brothers_eht_150_titanium_heating_element_11438016879.php


(2) 1 inch bulkheads (threaded both ends) 

Purigen 100 gal (still in package)

5.3 micron plankton screen (for zooplankton) 

Marineland Bonded Filter Pad (cut to size) 

Kalkwasser powder (3/4 of 1.1 lb container)

Seachem Flourish Nitrogen (3/4 bottle) 

Seachem Prime (90+% full)

Selcon (2/3 full) 

Tunze Care Magnet Long  (https://smile.amazon.com/Tunze-Care-Magnet-Long-Glass/dp/B00OTOFKAS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530331796&sr=8-1&keywords=tunze+glass+cleaner)

Plastic syringes (approx 75) 


Glass scraper (both metal and plastic blades)

Salifert FW Exit (expired, but still works)

(2) Aqualifter pumps

Stainless steel foreceps (5" I think)

BRS 1/2" netting (still in package as ordered from BRS)

(4) float switches (new)

1/4" RO tubing bulkhead

(2) 18" strip lights (I had mine plugged in over sump)

ARC 5 gallon hard sided jug 

Hydrotote 5 gallon soft sided bag

RO tubing with elbows, t's, valves

Sterilite container its all in

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