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Move Sale SOLD


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These didn't make it into the new tank.


Big bright yellow leather. 40

Rose BTA: large. 30

Blue Ricordia. 20:  SOLD

Yellow Green Ricordia. 20: SOLD

Superman Mushroom. 20: SOLD

chalice. 10: SOLD

Sunburst Morph BTA, large. 130

Ricordia rock. 70.: SOLD

Texas Paly, green. 5: SOLD




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Hey there thanks for thinking of me my 1st question is how tall is the large leather crall I am intrested in the blue record IA the yellow and green recorder and also the rock record if you could please let me know on the size of the large leather coral I can make a decision on that but I would definitely like to have the recordias thank you.

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