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Cadlights artisan II 70 gallon with gloss white stand


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3 months ago I found This brand new tank for sale in Houston. It was still on the pallet unopened. 

They were asking $1350 but I got it for $1300 which saved me $200 and waiting on delivery. Plus I got to inspect it for damage before paying. 

Fastforward to June and I come across a peninsula style tank that was for sale in this forum. Exactly what I originally wanted. 

I finally got the peninsula running and all the livestock transferred over. 

The Cadlights is shutdown and being drained today. Will be cleaned up and ready this weekend.

im selling the starphire rimless tank, comes with glass lids, plumbing, sump, return pump (which I upgraded to a dc12000) refugium light and I’m going to also include a bubble magnus curv 5 which  is honestly running perfectly on a tank this size. White glossy stand (save yourself some trouble by buying this one and avoid assembly headaches)

lights are not included. 

Its exactly like the one in this link.


Glass is scratch free.

$1050 is what I want for it. I can assist with delivery if you don’t have a truck as long as your in Austin. 

Photo is from when I was setting it up. Don’t worry there’s another door, I was just taking pix during assembly 


ok let’s try this

$850 for tank, sump and stand.

add $100 for dc12000 return pump

add $100 for skimmer




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This weekend only up to July 29th.

I will throw in a reefkeeper elite controller, comes with ph and orp module and the net module and io port module for variable voltage to control lights in addition to two controllablepower strips. You will need to buy new ph and orp probes.



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