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Apex EB8, Skimmers, Radions, Testing kit, Reactors ...


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Trying to cleanup several items from my study ( fish room) and garage to get back in good graces of my wife.


1 . Two Apex EB8 - $110  SOLD

2. SRO 5000- INT - This was working great in my sump but had to change to another smaller foot print skimmer due to space and height issues in my sump - $350 

   Automatic neck cleaner for 5000-INT - $100 ( prefer to sell along with skimmer )

   Both for $400

3. BRS Dual reactors. I have 2 of these - $45 $40 OBO

4. 6 stage RODI system - $75

5. Red sea Nitrate Pro test kit. Brand New.  - $40  $35

6. BRS Bio pellets - 1Gallon container. Brand new . - $130 

     BRS has it for  $160

7. Hanna Phosphate  and Alkalinity checker - Just the units. The test kits expired. $20 each 















Moved Sold items down

2. Bubble magus Curve 5 - SOLD




3. SWC -160  Skimmer. SOLD




Radion G3 Pro lights:  ---  Sold 














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