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Med / large colonies for sale (only a few left)

Reefer Dad

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[SOLD] Rainbow stylophora ($40):  3" x 3", not attached to anything

Rainbow stylo.jpg

Maze brain ($60):  4" in diameter and about 3" high

UPDATE: Will take $50 for the maze brain.

Large brain.jpg

[SOLD] Neon green favia ($70): about 4" x 6"; it is not attached to anything


[SOLD] Green acropora ($50):  5" x 5" in size; it's a little on the lighter side now because it's right in the middle under the brightest of my LEDs and it should darken in lower light; this would not be attached to anything

Large green acro.jpg


Green star polyp rock ($40):  4" x 4"; GSP is encrusted on 2-3 lb. rock

GSP Rock.jpg

[SOLD] Red monti cap on rock ($50):  rock is ~5 lbs. and monti is encrusted on bottom (good for upward spiraling growth)

Red monti rock.jpg

Setosa/acropora rock ($60): 6" x 4" x 5"; 2 lb. rock w/ 4" encrusted Setosa (orange) and a small green acropora growing on the back side (which encrusted and has just started growing upright)

UPDATE: I removed the acropora.  Will take $50 for the Setosa on a 2lb. rock

Setosa rock.jpg

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