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4th of July Frag Sale

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It's been a while since I've sold frags, so that means my frag rack is at capacity and needs to be thinned out. I have all kinds of frags for sale, so if I don't list something you're interested in, just ask.


Green Slimer $10

Northern lights $10

Myagi Tort $30

GE Purple Orchid $20

DaM Mille $30

Blue Iris $30

Vivids Red Dragon $20

Vivids Borealis $50


Above: Vivids Solar Flare

Below: GE Purple Orchid



Mother colony of myagi Tort



Blue Iris mother colony



Frags of Blue Iris and myagi Tort 2519d93fc8d6ffae30af75743e370df3.jpg


General shot of part of the frag rack



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