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Dry base rock 32# single piece


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Purchased 100# dry rock to redo some aquascape and ended up with this huge chunk I can't easily use. Its really a great center or shelf piece to build on as the top is rather flat with an awesome overhang/cave, I just can't use it as additional rock in my tank without redoing everything. 

19" x 14" x 8"


$60 OBO




If nobody wants it as a big chunk, I'll just break it up, but wanted to offer it as is first.

Free can HEB lime sparkling water with every purchase.

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7 minutes ago, jolt said:

Nice rock!  Per forum rules though, please list a price

Nobody said I follow the rules!!!


Updated first post, not sure how I missed adding it. That's what I get for playing internets at work in between talking to people.

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33 minutes ago, Neon Reefer said:

cut it

If nobody else can use it as a whole, I will.   (As I said at the end of my post)

It just looks like an awesome piece in one chunk. I have plenty of rock with the other 70# that I can reduce this to rubble and toss it in the sump with no worries, it just is a real nice large piece as-is. 

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