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AquaMaxx Rimless Aquarium - 64.2 Gallon - SOLD


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Asking $400 $350 or comparable trade (this is Texas, use your imagination as to what is comparable *wink*). This tank is not drilled, but is not tempered so it is drill-able.  

Picked this up in a trade for some of my other stuff.  It seems to be brand new and comes with the mat.  I have not found any scratches on it. However... I'm the paranoid type, so it is currently leak testing with tap water & prime.


20180621_153019.jpg 20180621_154746.jpg

20180621_153034.jpg 20180621_153624.jpg 20180621_154736.jpg


Product info: 


AquaMaxx Premium Cuboid Low-Iron Rimless Aquarium - 64.2 Gallon


The Premium models have been built using extra-thick 12mm (½”) glass rather than the standard 3/8” thick glass often used in other aquariums in this size range. The extra thickness makes the aquariums more durable and gives them a more luxurious look and feel.

Affordable and luxurious! AquaMaxx brings to you professional grade aquariums that are handcrafted by artisans and made with ultra-clear low-iron glass. These gorgeous frameless aquariums provide clear and unobstructed views of your tank inhabitants; whether it is a freshwater or saltwater ecoscape. Each tank is meticulously assembled, tested then inspected to ensure the highest quality. Rimless design provides the maximum viewing area and edges are polished to give you that luxurious look and feel! 

Thicker glass* is utilized for increased rigidity. Specially-formulated aquatic exclusive silicon glue ensures that each AquaMaxx aquarium is built to last.** 


  • Low-iron glass
  • Hand crafted quality
  • Individually leak-tested and inspected
  • Polished edges


  • Dimensions L x W x H: 47.3" x 17.8" x 17.8"
  • Volume: 64.2 Gallons
  • Glass Thickness: extra-thick 12mm glass

* All panels are constructed of non-tempered glass
** Aquarium must be placed on a solid surface that can support the weight of the aquarium. A leveling mat is included.

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