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Apex FMM optical sensors

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I have 3 new optical sensors connected to an FMM. They are dry now and I believe show closed in fusion. See picture.


#2 is in my skimmer slime jug and needs to shut off my skimmer if it gets too full and I forget to look. What would the programing look like?

If SWX7_2 OPEN Then 3_8 OFF (this is the skimmer pump)

If SWX7_2 OPEN Then 4_1 OFF (this is the skimmer air pump)


Will the device number work (3_8) and (4_1) or do I need to use the name I made up?

Also the other 2 sensors are in my ato and mixing containers. I can use them to shut off the 24v power to the RO/DI solenoid when they get full? Should this be done at the DB8 outlet number?

If SWX7_1 OPEN Then 4_7 OFF (4_7 is the brick for the FMM power)

If SWX7_4 OPEN Then 4_7 OFF (4_7 is the brick for the FMM power)

Should I have the FMM do it. If i go the FMM route what would the programing look like?


My RO/DI comes on for a short period of time each day to replenish to ATO container and put some water in my mixing barrel. The process  is not sensor driven. These are back ups in case something goes a miss.

Screen shot 2018-06-16 at 3.26.59 PM.png

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