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Isaac's JBJ45


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It began as a free nextdoor post....


got it home for leak test.. using acrylic magfloat for now until the vinegar cycle..  cardboard to show leaks easier:

20180606_005102 (Medium).jpg


the sump/DT divider popped off... glad it did NOW and not once stocked.

20180606_005225 (Medium).jpg 20180606_005207 (Medium).jpg


I plan on replacing the biocube in my office w/ this. :)

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when i picked it up, it was in the garage, kinda smelled of cat fur.  the glass lids sitting inside.   I think at some point they must have klinked the glass lids to the side.  i cant feel anything noticeable there however.  they also stored it incorrectly on the stand, something could have hit the bottom corner as well.  in the nextdoor picture, notice the overhang on the left side... thats the side that cracked.

im very bummed, was looking forward to this tank, glad it was free however.

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mystery solved.  i was breaking it down to throw in the recycling bin.  i noticed one of the top "covers" had a chip on the corner.  I guess when they just threw shtuff into the tank and let it sit in the garage it must have hit the inside enough to cause damage and not be able to SEE it until pressure was applied.  bleh.

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