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Victoly's 210........


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2 hours ago, victoly said:

Update to my water station.

I finally have it all in place ! I left one elbow unglued during my testing (unintentionally) and had to do some additional gluing.

It goes through the wall and has a valve and hose on the other side. I’ll finish that section and reinsulate/caulk once I’ve thoroughly tested it all.

I drilled and tapped in a little bleeder valve so if I do pump maintenance I don’t have to dump a whole pipes worth of water out, I can drain it.

The auto ball valve is working great. It closes automatically when power is removed. It also puts out a signal for open/closed to the apex. Very cool.


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That flex PVC is dope.

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In case I haven't discussed this eough...

Here's my KH guardian. i love this thing... It's kept my kH within 0.1 d. It doses with just a simple sodium bicarb solution to auto correct. It also connects to the Apex via pH port so I can control my CaRX when i get it rolling. You can kind of see in the bottom left corner an additional PM1 box that I'm using on to actually monitor my DT pH. 

KHG rack.jpg

Each of the grey bars is a dose of sodium bicarb. Blue is kH, yellow is pH. pH is calibrated on the low scale (4-7) so its not exactly in sync with tank pH. 


Finally, I added a capitance sensor to my WC station, just for fun. You can see it on the left tank. It's got a 5v usb supply signal, and then when the water drops below the sensor is opens. I use this to keep from too much ATO action, and as an indicator of when to make a new batch of water. These are nice because they dont require penetrating the tank. I'll probably experiment some more with it on other tanks. 

WC Station Outside.jpg

Here's the inside shot of the WC hose. It has a valve and can reach either tank, DT or frag, which are plumbed separately. The gravity flow is still sufficient to do OK, but when the pump turns on, whoa nellly. I can probably empty that 55g in a few minutes. :P


WC Station Inside Pipe.jpg

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True story, once I bought all of the sodium bicarb at the dollar store in tiny town texas to neutralize all of the HCL-laden water we used to clean the scale off a groundwater treatment system. It was a shopping cart full. 

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