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MACNA, an ARC experience


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Well, I had the opportunity to hang out with a few of the cool guys from ARC. Andrew and James.

Did you know James and I are now internationally famous? We managed to make it into one of the key speakers' blog (8th pic down!),

http://www.blueharbor.co.jp/factory/devil/blog/rare/ , Koji Wada, who gave an impressive presentation on Japanese Aquariums.

Pic from blog:


James can attest, Koji was AWESOME to hang out with. He showed us a lot of videos and pics of really rare fish.

The next night...

We all had a lot of fun at the Banquet, well except for Andrew. He looked bored out of his mind. Either that, or he was eying the free Reef Crystals boxes on the table. Candid photo!


I bet you heard about James' streak of bad luck!

So Sunday morning, James decided to buy some FijiMud that he had his eye on. Later that day, at the raffle, he won a 12lb bucket of it as well! Andrew also won three spectacular clams! Exciting stuff.

After that, we had to catch a plane, and James had to lug his mud around. Wouldn't you know, the steepest escalator in the universe was out of order, so we took the stairs with all of our luggage and mud in-tow.

Oh yeah...


So we were making good time, until James was stopped by airport security. Apparently you cant take mud on a plane! I tried and tried to convince that that it was just sand, even talked to a supervisor, but it was a no-go.

So security confiscated all of his mud, and re-packed all of James' belongings and we were off to the gate. Halfway there, and cutting it close on time, James realized that his phone was missing from the bag so he rushed back to security to get it. They had dropped it when they were confiscating his dangerous Fijian Mud.

He actually made it aboard the plane, after they had already closed the gate!

We thought we were home free until...

An airplane landed in San Antonio, and its landing gear collapsed on the runway, so we were diverted to Austin to re-fuel and then wait for SA to re-open the runway.

We had fun though.

Andrew was worried about his clams, and James was happy to spend more time with him:


I was happy too, airplane party!


I tried to keep his spirits up, bmwaaron was too, he was giving him the look of love:


Well, James decided that he had had enough and got off of the plane in Austin. We arrived in SA only a few hours late, and I made it home at 2:00am.

It was an awesome trip, Im glad I got the chance to hang out with you guys! It was a lot of fun.

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Sweet! I wish everyone could have seen the sweet videos Koji showed us. Japanese pipe fish and pygmy seahorses are crazy!

Update: My luck turned around as soon as I got off the plane. I still wish I had the mud, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. I will get some eventually.

BTW Sean how is the sweet light? You should post a picture of it.

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