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STN or Nudibranchs destroying this chalice?

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I would love your input on this one. I have a well grown out alien eye chalice that I picked up from Isaac several months ago and it has been growing like crazy. This weekend I noticed that the underside of the chalice near the attachment point was losing tissue and turning white. I decided to give it a day or two and see if it was getting worse. It is. The top looks great but the underside is losing tissue.


This is looking from the side/underneath the coral. The top has not been effected:


There has not been any change in the major parameters. pH 8.2, Alk 9.5, Ca 465. Temp rocks between 77 and 78. I do know that right now my phosphate and nitrate really low with the Red Sea kit. Phosphate is 0.04 and nitrate is pretty much zero.

I'm planning to try and pry it off the rock, and do an iodine dip and put it in the holding tank and redip in a week.  Any other suggestions?






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Dang it. It's nudibranchs. I looked back behind the chalice and noticed that a monti was also looking bad.


I broke off the affected area and put it under my microscope:



I have been dipping all new corals and putting them into a holding tank and watching them for a couple of weeks and then dipping them before they go in the display. I must have let an egg get through. Looks like I'm pulling the montis and chalice and dipping them.

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Oh man, I heard they are the devil...like one of the hardest pests to eradicate. I never had them or else I'd offer some advice. Good luck getting them out of the system! Hopefully there's a tried and true method!

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Have you confirmed nudibranchs on the Alien Eye chalice?  Most nudibranchs are typically species or genus specific.   The Allien Eye also has a better defined edge in contrast to the monti which suggests you might be seeing 2 different issues and something is causing some tissue necrosis on the Alien Eye. 

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Victoly - I have been thinking of putting a screen on the top and getting a wrasse or two just for pest control. In the long run, it seems like a smart piece of pest control. I need to pull the trigger on the screen top sooner rather than later. 

Timfish - I was thinking that the two species were presenting different symptoms. It was easy to pop off the piece of monti that was bleaching. For the chalice, I am going to need to pull of the whole piece. Last night I balanced out the Alk and Ca on my holding tank so it matched my display tank and I turned on the heater since that aquarium has been running ambient temp and was 68 F. 

The line of necrosis didn't seem to advance much in the last 24 hours. It might benifit from a Coral RX dip if it is an infection.

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