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Solana 34gal


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I have just bought a Solana tank, and was wanting to find out if anyone had made any modifications to theirs? or had any ideas on what should be modified, if anything? I would like to see if someone has any input about flow conditions as well. I'm debating on how to handle powerheads - if i want koralia or something else, what i need to do for wave motion, ect.

I have heard that the only smart mod would be for me to replace the bio balls in the back of the tank with coral rubble.

I have had a tank before (80gal bowfront), so i kinda know whats going on; ive been out of the fish keeping business tho for about a year (and haven't kept up with it either).

My choices for this tank as far as fish are concerned are:

a bluespotted jawfish

orchid dottyback

debating on:

bi color blenny, barnacle blenny, or no blenny

Mckoskers flasher

clown gobies

four line

(i would only like to choose one of these, but would def consider two)

--I want the major bio load for the coral and inverts

The tank will be for the most part SPS and clams (full of live rock).

substrate, i'm thinking, is going to be black sand.

My filtration is mostly biological with some mechanical (being the pump and skimmer).

I'll be running a 20k, 150w halide

I would appreciate any input on this situation!!

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