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Which macro lens?

Robb in Austin

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I've been looking at macro lenses lately and am looking for some input.

I like the Sigma 150/2.8 on paper the most. Followed by either a Sigma 105 or Nikon 105. From what I've read, all of these

will take excellent images. My question stems around working distance. They all look to be in the same "area" but my concern

is that the 150 might leave me too far away for coral pics. I'd like the extra working distance when taking pics of bugs and lizards, but

also want to get right up next to the tank for corals.

As I recall from my photo meeting with Jennifer, I can add some extension tube, or was it a teleconverter, and get closer

for bigger than life size coral shots and also be closer to the tank.


Just for reference, this lens will go on a D40.


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The Sigma is definitely the bang for the buck. However, after reading that a non Nikon lens will give you different colors I tested it out. I used a Sigma, Tamaron, and a Nikon lens and took a photo of the same item with each. Guess what? Each one was different. Guess which one looked the best? The Nikon by far. I had never really noticed it that much before but then started looking at the photos I had taken with the Sigma lens I had and realized what a difference it really made. I would take your camera down to Precision and try the lenses out. Then you can determine if the color difference is worth the price difference.

Yes extension tubes can get you much closer but you really limit your exposure and depth of field when using them.

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