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i have taken down a 55g tank and a 45 gallon bowfront.i have several things for sale.first i have a coralife 48" metal halide fixture.it has 2 175 watt 12,000k reeflux bulbs and 2 new 96 watt pc actinic bulbs.i'd like $300 for it.i also have a home built canopy for a 55g tank with a coralife pc retrofit kit installed in the door.i have a red sea prizm hang on tank skimmer that is only a couple of months old.i paid $120 for it and would like to get $60 for it.I also have a 55g tank and stand for sale.it is 48" x 12" x 18" tall. the tank and stand are in great shape and not drilled.i'd like $100 for them with a emperor 400 hang on back power filter.would also sell tank,stand,canopy with pc lighting,or canopy for the halide fixture and the fixture,and the skimmer as a whole setup for a reasonable offer.i had this setup for around six months and it was coming along very well.i just got a bigger tank and combined a couple of mine.

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