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72g Bowfront tank/stand/hood


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Selling my Oceanic 72g bowfront tank. Includes stand, and hood. $375

Image shows it setup as a planted tank, it's currently empty.

The tank does not have overflows, it's a basic Oceanic tank.

It's too big for the location I have in mind. Would consider a trade for a 46g bowfront or other nice 36" long tank + cash.

I also have a 4x48" Icecap retrofit currently installed in it. Includes Icecap 660 balast and heat sink, icecap T12 end caps, mirror reflector, 3 6.5k NO bulbs and 1 10k VHO bulb.

Lights not included in $375 price, can buy with the tank or separately for $150.


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Yeah, should have noted that. It's not a reef-ready, no overflows, but no scratches that I've seen and it's in excellent condition. I'd keep it if it fit the spot I want to put it.

is your tank reef ready? any cratches what is the condition of the tank? thanks
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