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Replace PC's or switch to T5's?


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I'm thinking my PC's need to be replaced as one of the actinic bulbs is a different shade of blue than the other. I bought the kit (4x65w total, 2 actinics, 2 10k) used the owner told me he had it for about 6 months.

I figured I can replace the existing PC's for about $120, but Aquatek has the new T5 Glo kit (2 bulbs) for $125+tax. So would you suggest I replace my existing PC's or upgrade to the T5's? Below is what I have in my 55g tank (coral wise)

- purple, green, red mushrooms

- purple, cream zoo

- bird's nest frag

- Vivid Green Stylophora (Stylophora pistillata)

UPDATE: I just realized the $125 price is for the fixture only, but I'd still be interested if people think its worth the upgrade (and additional price!)

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I just replaced my pc's with a t5 retro kit from reefgeeks. I didn't have name brand PC's to begin with and was never happy with the color or my coral growth. The retro kit had all the top brands pieces, ice cap reflector, vossloh ballast, UVL actinic bulbs... Truly amazing in the difference. It's only been running a few days now, but I've already seen a significant increase of coral growth on my birdsnest coral!

I definitely recommend the t5's!

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