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Nano Frags - Nuclear Halo's; Purple Death Palys; Blue Xenia


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I needed to frag some stuff as the Solana is getting full! Can Bring to August MAAST Meeting at RCA tomorrow!!

Here is the list with some pictures:

Nuclear Halo's (Pic is Mother Colony) about 11 polyps - $55

Purple Death Paly's - $75

Nuclear Halo's and Purple Deaths (Mother Colonies):


X-Men Paly's about 4 polyps - $40

Eagle Eye Zoa's - About 15 polyps $15

Don't worry aptasia is gone.

Mother colony photo:


Bright Yellow Turbinaria "Scroll" - This is a perfect size frag for nano. About 1.5" to 2" across chunk with another small piece below it. I mounted to bivalve shell and doing well. I have owned the mother colony for 4 years. - $20

Mother Colony


White "Puffy" Xenia looks exactly like Red Sea Xenia sold at RCA - Very small frag $10

Blue "Xenia" Cespitularinia - Large chunk that stretches to 3" or so when fully expanded - $50



Small Green Birdsnest Frag and while only about 1" has about 7 branch tips starting - $10

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