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Live Brine Shrimp and Live "Black Worms" are recommended for the Green Mandarin that I have. Where do you get either of these? cool.gif

I have lots of Brine Shimp eggs but have been really unsuccessful in getting them to hatch?

Black Worms???? Never heard of them? Can't find them on Drs. Foster & Smith either?

I'm all for raising Brine Shrimp if I can get them to hatch?

Suggestions that may be more suitable for feeding? :D

Also, In need of PhytoPlankton...has anyone propagated this successfully?

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Blackworms are live but used mainly in freshwater applications, Bruce at Aquatek carries them.

If your tank is well established you shouldn't need to supplement a green mandarin with the large volume you have. I would have waited until at least the 6 month mark to add a mandarin but I still don't think you should have any problems.


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Thanks for the input. Some of the critters were sold to me by a LFS without much knowledge of the interaction with other aquatic creatures...I admittedly know little as well so, it was blind leading the blind.

For instance, I now have what I thought was a really cool creature, "Philippine Sea Apple". Not knowing the toxicity or car needed to maintain them. Also a pair of "Blue Line Wrasses", which evidently need a lot of fish to clean to get the nutrition that they need.

That being said, 2/3 of my live rock was well established for the past 3 years so hopefully the Mandarin will have plenty to eat. The "Black Worms" were suggested foods for the Mandarin per Drs. Foster & Smith.

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