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The drain is 1 1/2" inches that is reduced to 1" right before the the glass. This was manufactured this way form Marineland. I would have preferred that it stay 1 1/2" inches the full length. The chart says that a 1" pipe should be able to flow 960 GPH.

"The higher the level in your overflow box the less noise you will get."

Should i removed the second baffle on the overflow to allow a high return to the down pipe? 


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I dont know what the second baffle is. I think you have 1 drain line and 1 return line. yes?  From the picture I see 2 small tubes #1 and # 2 . I do not know what they are for. Im assuming #2  is for air to escape to start the siphon. If this air tube can be placed so when the water gets over the top of the "U", no air can get in, then it becomes a full siphon and becomes silent. Not sure if this helps at all but......

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So running into a flow issue. Marineland states that this tank is set up for 700gph, but the drain flow is just not fast enough. I also have siphoning that happens often. I think the air line is too small. Any thoughts?

Is the ball valve under your return wide open? Possibly dial it in with the valve. Also, I googled your question and there are tons of forums, YouTube videos, etc on marine land flow and noise issues. Just wasn’t 100% sure exactly what was going on with your tank. I’m sure the answer is out there and an easy fix [emoji1]

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