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bamboo shark


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long time no post yall.

anyone ever kept bamboo sharks?

i have no intention of keeping one anytime in the immediate future but

research always takes time. I see a lot of things that always seem to

condradict the other pertaining to sharks in the home.

On some places i see mostly a 150 will be fine from reports of people

who have kept them while out on monsterfishforum i see 600 gal minimum.

i see them sold often enough, is it just one of the critters that has no business

being in a LFS? Or can they be kept at home with proper planning?

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A friend of mine has one, it does okay in his 500 gallon, but there is hardly any rock touching the sand at all. They like to swim around the sand and hang out there. They also like to eat snails and hermits, so getting a clean up crew for the tank is hard to do.

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