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90 gallon lighting

Rocks Reef

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Having a hard time deciding if I want to use Revives or go with a 6 bulb T5 HO setup... I like the tried and true simplicity of the T5 HOs... just needing some advice/guidance/opinions I guess... lol

Tank dimensions are 36" x 24" x 24" with overflow centered on back wall. Plan on keeping a mixed reef...

Suggestions? Pics of light setups?

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I am a newbie. Or at least been out for several years. Lots of new technology vs. 2011 when I sold out. My new tank has only been running for about 6 weeks. I have 2 black box led's on it and am so far very happy. I've put some frags from my biocube in it. So far everything looks great. I've seen improvement in colors in just the week I've had the frags in. Here is a pic of the full tank with lights. 5aba073520a34bc138d6b409bc45e5bb.jpg

Pink Jade


Jedi Mind Trick


Purple Digi




Caribbean Blue Zoas


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I'm a big fan of my Ocean Revive LEDs. They are cheap and have done a great job on my tank. That being said, if you can afford the cost of annual replacement of T5 bulbs, I like the look of T5 bulbs for SPS.

I use a combo of both on my tank, my Ocean Revives and T5 supplements. I would have bought a "black box" LED as they use the same diodes as the Ocean Revives. The only reason I chose the Ocean Revives is the customer service is actually pretty decent and the replacements parts are cheap. That and I liked the spread better on the OR units as the LEDs themselves are more spaced out than the "black box" units.

RCA is a retailer for them now and might be able to get you a good deal on them. I know they will be replacing their MH fixtures on their show tank in the store to the OR fixtures.

If you haven't seen the updated video of my tank I shot yesterday, here's the link. Three OR fixtures with T5 supplements.


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I was looking at all the black box options. Had narrowed it down to sb reeflights. I then saw the OR's. I was then contemplating between the two. With sb probably gonna be my choice. Then a guy on another site posted 3 other black boxes for $150. I couldn't turn that down as they were less than a year old. I'm still thinking of buying the $69 pc board from sb to try in one and see how I like it. It replaces the heat sync with theirs along with their layout and spectrum diodes.

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I've been using a Reefbreeders Photon 48 for few years now and have been very happy with my LEDs. Everything seems to grow like weeds. I did add a single 24" T5 about 6 months ago for $#!ts and giggles but I don't know if it really has had any effect on anything. I guess more light is good:) Sorry for the sideways pictures.








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For an out of box solution that is cost effective, you cannot go wrong with Ocean Revive. I've been very happy with my unit over my 30 gallon. I specifically like the timers for each channel built into the model and thus you don't need bulky external timers that also take up valuable plug space (I haven't made the jump into a controller yet!).

My tank is an odd shape related to light fixtures. I originally had a T5 unit (only 18") and I wasn't getting the intensity of light needed for the height. I switched to the Ocean Revive that definitely fixed that problem and added the ability to have separate blue and white channels for dawn / dusk. The only downside I see is I really liked the full look of the T5. It did a great job of illuminating all aspects of the tank. With the LED only, it creates a lot of shadows. Combining is the best of both worlds but I haven't found a cost effective solution for my tank.

With a 90 gallon you should have some good options for a single unit and could also do a retrofit hood where you combine a LED unit and T5 into a floating hood. That would be my ideal want; I wish my tank was a 90 gallon!

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