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Williamson County Reefers: $1000 cash back on SolarCity system!

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Wanted to let y'all know about a limited time promotion SolarCity is running for the Oncor territory (still no PEC or Bluebonnet - sorry!), which is Williamson County, and a tiny sliver of NW Travis County.

While there aren't any incentive programs up there, we're finding that customers are looking at slight discount to slight increase (+/- $20?) in monthly cost for the prospects we've quoted to date (we've really been focusing on CoA because of the incentives). Because there are so many different options and rates, we really need to run an evaluation before giving any real answer on cost and/or savings.

If you live in Williamson County* and are interested in taking a look at what solar would look like for your house, please shoot me a PM.

If you know of anyone in Williamson County* who is interested in taking a look at what solar would look like for their house, please shoot me a PM. There's a $200 referral fee for you on any closed business.

*except for PEC and Bluebonnet


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