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Some help aranging my tank please


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I just started my tank up a few months ago. Ive got several lps, leathers and one sps. Im not sure if i have ample space between the pieces of coral in the tank. I have a cabbage leather that im not sure how close i should place him to the power head and how close i can place anything to the galaxy or candy corals. Someone please help me. Even with sugestions as to where i could better place everything so itll be happy. Thanksthey are in order from the left side of the tank to the right. sorry the res isnt that great i took them with my phone.




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I think it looks great. If it were me, I would try and move up the sps closer to the light. As long as things aren't touching each other it should be fine.

Oh, and welcome to ARC!

Thanks. I actually moved my sps yesterday up to the top so we'll see how that goes. How about the cabbage leather? I have him placed about 4 1/2 in from the power head. is that too close?

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