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Gotta make room!

Dan H

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Well, I'm not sure exactly how this happens, but we went to the SAoSA swap thinking we'd finally clear out some room in our frag tank... Instead we came home with less money than we left with, and more frags. HUUUUH? Yeah, that wasn't the plan at all.

I'm home most of today (09/12) if you really want to get first pick, otherwise I'm home weeknights after 7 or weekends. I can also arrange to bring frags to the meeting this weekend if you're going to be there. I apologize that I don't know many of the names... I couldn't remember and didn't feel like looking them up right now.

Please note that these prices are only good through Sunday (9/18). After that they're going back up to something more sane.

Screaming Green Birdsnest - $15 any size.


Neon green Pocillopora - $30 for the colony sized frag, $20 for the medium frags, $15 for the wee little guy (still pretty big honestly).


Neon green Mille's - $10!!


Top left - Blue tip Staghorn - $10!!! I've got 5 and they need new homes.

Watermelon zoas, about 9-10 polyps - $15

I can't remember the name Zoas, but they're purple and green and NO, they are NOT Jokers or Purple People Eaters - 20+ polyps - $15

Super Mario's - $10

Sorry the stupid hermit trampled on them and the polyps are mostly closed...


Purple Stylophoras galore! $15 any size!


DaM Tinkerbells - $15


Pink Mille's - $10

Fuzzy Pink Mille's - $10


Green with baby blue polyps Montipora Cap - $5


Hollywood Stunner or Alien Eye chalice - $10


Jason Fox Toxic Acculeus - HUGE $30, medium $20 - Very fast growing Acro

Save your breath, the orange Acan is not for sale.


Top - Green Montipora unknown - $10

Middle - Neon Green Montipora unknown - $10

Bottom - Mystic Sunset Montipora - $15

Left Bottom - Unknown Acro from Unique Corals - green with purple tips - $20


More Watermelon Zoas - $15


Cat Eye Palys - $20

Scrambled Eggs - $30


Top - Green People Eaters - $20

Middle - Uhh, I forgot the name zoas - $15

Bottom - Radioactive Dragons - $15


Rainbow Stylophora - $20... You should try fragging these. It's a PITA!


Monster sized Sunset Montipora - $40 - Many of you that have seen our tank have said "If you ever frag that, I want it..." Well, this is it but it's not from our tank... wink.png


Acros - $15


I believe these are green/purple Stylophoras but I'm not 100% sure... so let's say $15


Middle - Miyagi Tort - $40 - Quite a spectacular deep blue. Once it picks up steam, it grows really fast.

Bottom - Hawkins Echniata - $30

Bottom Right - Acro Exquisita - $40

Left - Red Dragon Cardiuus - $40


Better picture of the Red Dragon - Still $40

Bottom - Another Exquisita - $40

No, the zoas in the picture are NOT for sale. Sorry. Meg would shoot me.


DaM Swamp Thang - $10!!


Center - EC Ultimate Strawberry Shortcake - $80 - Sorry, not sorry. No budging on that price.

Other acros in this picture are from Uniquie Corals, and all are only $20!


More from Unique Corals - $20


Yet more from Unique Corals - $20


Ah yes, good shot of the Exquisita - $40

The Pocillopora is not for sale, nor is the zoa frag.


Blue acro - $20


You know, I totally forgot if this is a pink lemonaide or what... Anyways, $20 and it's yours.

Pocillopora is not for sale.


Center Palys - Forgot the name - $20

Left - small frag of the Reef Raft Nauti Spiral - $30


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What is the LMAR swap?

Ooohhhh! There is info on it on the MAAST website. That's the Marine Aquarist Association of South Texas. It's a frag meet at the San Antonio Aquarium on Sunday November 6.

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