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Sand for 40 breeder


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I was undecided which is sand substrate for 40 gallon, Ocean direct origional grade or Oolite sand from ocean direct too, or other Argamax select sand? or what is your prefer?

About 2 or 3 inch sand in the DT and deep sand for refuge.

I am plan to have SPS and reef friendly also several diversity of clams.

What is kinds of sand in the refuge? and sand in DT do you currently use?

I was to have Indo pacific but too much battle with flatworm and I try to vaccum but lots of a size of object stuck in the hose... I have to break by piler to smash and smooth flow into bucket. want to remove the sand first. I want to focus on 40 first then tear down the 75 gallon and redo later in few weeks.

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