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October Meeting Saturday 10/15 - 2PM @ Dan and Meg's

Dan H

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I volunteered myself to host the October meeting.

Date: Saturday 10/15/2016 @2PM

Topic: Disaster planning and prevention

Location: 6305 Maury Hollow

Mini Swap: Bring any frags you want to sell/trade.

Please post on this thread to RSVP!

RSVP List:
Dan H (Dan and Meg)
Jimbo662 (James)


APK (Tom B)

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It was asked if adult beverages are going to be consumed... I would say this... Officially ARC is not providing any alcohol.

However, I may have some that I'm willing to share... But I generally drink beer that all you beer snobs wouldn't even use to water your lawn so if you have a particularly sensitive palate, bring your own.

Possible topic ideas:

  • Disaster prevention and recovery
  • Photography hands on - Bring your camera and computer
  • Water testing

I'm leaning towards photography even though I'm not a good photographer... But we could probably buy a bunch of gel filters and give those out.

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Just an FYI, the topic will be Disaster Planning and Prevention. So if you have any questions or things you'd like to discuss about this, feel free to post or note them and we will talk about it during the meeting.

I'm planning to have some drinks and snacks. I will provide some adult beverages in the form of beer and Italian red wine, but if you don't like Miller Light, I'd suggest you BYOB. (NOTE - This is my doing, not ARC. ARC is not providing alcohol to anyone.)

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I had a great time at the meeting today! Thanks for having us over and showing off your gorgeous tank. I enjoyed the conversation and getting motivated to work on my tank again!

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Hey Dan, thanks for hosting and answer all my questions. I really appreciate and enjoyed the meeting, as well as learned a lot. Thanks to the others visiting as well. Good group of real people. I hope to come to another and see you all again.

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