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Pics with Jen

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First off, a hearty, public THANK YOU to Jennifer P(Princer7) for helping me tonight!

I just posted 2 pics, labeled anthelia and tired, in my gallery for everyones comments and criticisms. The "tired" pic is not in real

sharp focus but my timing was perfect and the exposure doesn't suck.

I did a touch of post processing on the anthelia pic. I am fully geeked over this one! Perhaps more bokeh in the back

would have been better, maybe a slightly different crop too.

I'll try to get some more up early next week.

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Nice work! My only suggestions on the Anthelia photo would be to clean up the spots that were on the glass and move the point of focus slightly more to the left if possible. Keep shooting!

PS. post the photos in the thread if you can next time. Makes it easier for people to see them.

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