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Freshwater enthusiast moving on up to Saltwater novice


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Hi everyone,

I'm a long-time freshwater fishkeeper who has decided to stay indoors during these hot summer months and try my hand at building a live rock marine system. It's been a long-time desire and finally I have the time and money.

So far, I have either acquired or have been given:

- 60 gallon tall tank (48 x 24 x 12) with wooden base stand

- Amiracle sump tank

- Eheim Ecco 2233 canister filter

- Hagan Fluval 104 canister filter

- CPR model CYHO protein skimmer

- 2 x Rio 600 pump

- PH601 aquarium head pump

A lot of this stuff was given to me. My only real requirement is that I'd like as much of the equipment as possible to be hidden away in the stand, rather than hanging off the side of the aquarium.

So, any advice? Maybe someone would like to swing by and give me some pointers on how to assemble all this stuff in the best way?


- Tony (Central Austin)

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Hi Tony!

Welcome to the club.

I'll let more experienced people chime in on setup. Let me warn you though, this SW adventure will try to

kill off any FW desires. It's got me wanting to turn my 2 75's into more SW, setup a Nano, and convert my sons room

into one giant fish room with a 100000 gallon reef! It's an addiction I tell ya! Get out now before it's too late! Save yourself man! :)

Good luck! Start a blog too so we can follow along, with a lot of pictures!

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Welcome to the club and hobby! My first advice would be to get rid of the rio pumps. They don't have a good reputation. I might be able to stop by sometime later in the week and help you. If you want to PM me your address and what times you are available we might be able to work something out.

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