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Weekend sale (5/6 - 5/8)

Dan H

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Meg demanded I clear up some space in the frag tank this weekend, so...

$10 for any DaM fuzzy table

$10 for any alien eye chalice

$10 / head for the hammer

$5 / head for the candy cane

$20 for any Tyree Undata

$15 for any DaM green Millepora

All zoas are $20 or less

Then we've got a lot of other SPS including some high end stuff and we're open to cutting a deal... We need more room!


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Well thank you. :) We try our best! I should make a video showing the extreme degree of love that Meg gives each frag.

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Thank you to everyone who helped us clear up some space today! We desperately needed to make room.

We don't have any ricordea right now.

For the zoas we've got Captain America, cat eye, purple death Paly, super Mario's, Gatorade, some yellow green zoas, pink with gold, and some other unknown ones. All zoas are $20 or less this weekend.


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