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Back to Texas!


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Greetings Texans!

My name is Doug and I currently reside in East Tennessee, but will be moving to the Austin area in June / July. I was born and raised in Dallas and didn't leave until 2004, when I moved up to Chicago and eventually Michigan for most of the last 12 years. I've been fortunate enough to get a job offer back in Texas and my family and I are super excited to be in the Austin community!

I've been around marine life / reefs since my teens in the 80's and have enjoyed the hobby off and on over the last 30 years or so. I'm looking forward to meeting some local reefers and eventually frag swappin'!! I'm pretty active on R2R and I do recognize some of the members here on ARC, which is cool!

The first thing I'll want to know is a good list of LFS and locals that like to sell / trade frags! Anyways, look forward to meeting folks!

Have a good one!

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Thanks all! I wasn't getting notifications for your responses! I'll have to try and figure that out :) I guess there is a quota on "likes" I can give as well lol.

I usually prefer a mixed reef, but I think I will focus mostly on SPS once I get to Texas.

Hopefully, this link works! This is my current system.


Gig'em, not sure yet. I'm coming back to Texas in a few weeks, to the Austin area and will begin searching for a rental home. We will rent for a year or 2 and then decide where we want to live permanently! Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point because I am totally clueless about the area!! Suburbs will probably be our best bet. I'm an insurance adjuster, so quick access to highways is a must and also we have 2 young girls, 8 and 2, so good schools are a MUST! I'm down in Houston now working floods and I'm trying to spend some time researching the Austin area, but will have more time to do so in a few weeks when I come back to Texas. :)

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Personally, I like SW Austin for the schools and the general lack of city feel, but it's blowing up around here as well.

Pretty much all the LFS's are good.




are the long time staples.

We now also have stinky's, fish gallery, just reef, nikos, and some others, I'm probably missing a few. Austin aqua farm is also a great place for coral, they are open on Saturdays for pickup and have stock on their website and weekly ebay auctions.

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I felt obligated to reintroduce myself to the community since I failed to remain active!  Funny thing is, I was over on R2R and read through your build FarmerTy and I was like duhhh, ARC!  So here I am, lol. 

To catch things up to speed, we finally got the move done last July and I ended up doing the tank move myself, along with ALL of our stuff.  Needless to say, trying to save money doing that kind of stuff myself ended up costing me money!  I lost my SPS, clams, and a bunch of other stuff. I was pretty bummed and just went into a funk and had the tank on cruise control, never really buying or doing anything special for the tank, it was kind of just there, begging for love.

I recently revamped the system, brought it back to its glory days and am once again passionate about the hobby. I'm in the market for sticks!!  I'm also looking to get more involved with ARC and hopefully meeting everyone, as well as attending club events / gatherings. 

Now that we're all caught up, I need to go browse through everyone's builds!  Thanks all!



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