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EcoPlus 1.5HP Chiller - SOLD


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EcoPlus 1.5HP Chiller 110v. Purchased new in 2012, used for almost 2 years and been sitting in storage since. This is a beast that needs to be installed outside (garage?), not a small indoor unit. SOLD post-1199-0-86671000-1462371489_thumb.jp <p>

  • Suitable for use with reservoirs, hydroponic systems & aquariums.
  • Features a commercial-grade titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance.
  • High-quality Japanese compressor is extremely efficient and reliable.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel housing with a durable powder coated finish.
  • Digital LCD display allows for easy operation.
  • Remote temperature controller with a 30 ft. cord allows user to monitor & adjust chiller settings, when the unit is installed in a remote location.
  • Auto restart and temperature memory in the event of a power failure.
  • Uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Comes with 2 fittings to allow chiller to be plumbed with 1 hard PVC pipe or 1 flexible tubing.
  • 1.5 hp chiller is 42x 15x 23 - 88 lbs
Specifications:* 1,150 Watt* 120/60 V/HZ* 10.5 Amps* 1" Fittings* GPH min. 1100 / max. 1300 * BTU's of Cooling: 11,935* Recommended tank size: up to 500 gal.
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He kept penguins in his 215 gallon.

Melissa wishes.

If I was allowed I would use this thing to build a nautilus tank.

I sourced it from Jeremy when he tore down his tank, but I've never needed to install it because I keep my house at a cool 70 degrees the tank just doesn't get hot enough to need this.

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