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Urchin Photo Contest!

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Come one, come all and submit your Urchin pictures to enter into the photo contest.

Best Looking or Best Disguise will be the 2 categories for this contest.

You may submit 1 picture per category but cannot win both categories.

Prizes will be posted once more info is received but you do not want to miss out!

Photo Submissions will end May 20th at midnight and voting will take place at the May meeting at Just Reef on 5/21! Info below


You do not have to be present to win but if you do win and are not at the meeting you will have to coordinate prize pick up the same or next day.

Just submit your photo to this thread and your entered. It's that easy. What are you waiting for?


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Biggest Jerkchin?

Picking on this poor struggling Torch:


So I move the Torch, to no avail:


How far did I move the Torch? Started at X and tracked the Torch down in just over :30. Though that was fairly impressive, in a mean spirited stalky/stabby kinda way.


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They have little tentacle suction copper feet, like starfish have to move around. They use them to move objects up top. Good defensive strategy on top of the sharp spines they have going on.

Really? How fascinating!! Mine must be lazy... Or Meg and Dan taught him good house keeping.. [emoji6]
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He's just waiting for the right time... Actually the long spine urchins don't generally pick up as much stuff.

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No fair! Now I want an urchin!! I'll have to go through my dive pics and see what I can find, it might be cheating, but it's all I've got!nopity.gif

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