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Tank Garage Sale!

Uncle Fish

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I am also open to frags, especially of the SPS variety. PM is best. Thanks for looking.

10 Gallon ($10) - Standard tank with incandescent hood. I put compact fluorescent bulbs in it and it worked well. - SOLD

10 Gallon ($5) - The bottom is painted white, which has a small chip in the corner that can be easily repaired or scrapped off.


15 Frag Tank ($100) - This is a Deep Sea Professional 15 Gallon that was drilled at Niko's Reef. It worked great for me but I have upgraded to something bigger. That glass is in near perfect condition with no noticeable scratches. I don't think it is starfire glass but is definitely a higher clarity than what you find on a standard aqueon tank. The silicone is primo also as it was only used about 3 months. I had it plumbed with two 3/4" drains and two 1/2" returns.


20 Gallon Long ($5) - Has a small chip that goes through a pane of glass and is not safe to hold water. This was a brand new tank I chipped moving, Great for snake/rodent/lizard.


20 Gallon Long ($10) - PENDING - Brand new tank that I attempted to paint the back of black and some of the paint came off with the tape. This is easily scrapped off. - SOLD

20 Gallon Long ($15) - Brand new tank with the back painted black.


29 Gallon Rimless Biocube ($30) - This was a project tank for me. I took all the trim off and the back section has been removed. My plan was to drill it and set it up with a sump. I did leak test it for 2 weeks after removing the trim and the tank was solid.


29 Gallon Biocube with Hood and Stand ($125) - I used this tank as a quarantine tank for several fish. It has two 7"+ scratches and a handful of smaller ones on the front. Fish were treated with Seachem's ParaGaurd and MetroPlex, neither contain copper. I have bio balls and rubble rock for the filtration and the PVC pieces I used for quarantine. The bulbs are actinic and 10k, both ballasts work, but one of the moonlights is burned out. I have a replacement set of bulbs for extra. Comes with Maxijet 900 that was used for 3 months.


40 Gallon Breeder ($20) - Standard tank I have used to cook live rock on a couple occasions. It has two small chips on the back edge that don't effect the tanks integrity. I used it for several months with 145 pounds of rock and full of water with no issues. - SOLD

Biocube Bio Balls ($5) - Extra set. Free with other purchase.

Biocube Bulb Set ($50) - One actinic and one 10k bulb, brand new in the box.


BRS Media Reactor ($20) - Comes with media container, wrench, and a couple pieces of hose. - SOLD

Hydor Slim Skim Nano ($60) - It's never been in water and is complete.












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