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LPS coral Mix for sale zoas, acans, and more...


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Watermelon zoas $30 $20
Orange cats eye zoa $30 $15
2 headed hammer $35$20
Rasta zoas $20 $10
Screaming green birds nest $35$10
Green purple acan $20$15
Neon green tree leather $35$15
5 head green candy cane $20$15
Green and purple acan large $40$20
LA laker zoa $30$10
Red and blue zoa $15$
Purple goniopora $30$10
Neon green blasts $40$10
Green star polyp $20$5



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Bill I work only a few minutes from my house so if you wanted to come pick up some during the day that is not a problem. Just let me know when a good time for you would be.

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Thanks for the watermelons! They are opened up this morning looking good.

Rey, I saw that acan when I picked up my zoas yesterday. It's a nice piece. I was tempted to get it myself.

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