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75 Gallon FW Planted Setup - $400


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I'm finding myself without the time to properly care for my FW aquarium, so am putting the entire setup, except the light, for sale. Currently running low tech with a tek 4 bulb T5HO fixture, which is far too much light for the tank when not running CO2, hence the large algae balls in the front. You should be fine with any 2 - 4 bulb T5HO or equivalent. Most of these plants are very hardy so will probably work with less light, just make sure to use good quality (5000K - 7000K) daylight bulbs.


It's a standard 75 gallon glass aquarium with about 2" of caribsea torpedo beach substrate.

The rear wall has a foam textured background which looks absolutely awesome. There is space behind it but I've never had any problems with the space back there. I did run a canister intake back there for several years, but I haven't noticed any difference.

The 2 pieces of wood have many plants attached to them, java ferns and anubias.

Here's a picture from a few years ago so you can see the background and wood better.


Stand is 36" tall oak skyline from RJ aquatics. http://www.rjaquatics.com/products/skyline.html

Canister is an eheim pro II 2026. Personally, I'd take the time to replace the tubing when this is moved, it's really stiff at this point from previous CO2 usage. Takes eheim 16mm or standard 5/8 tubing.

Here's some of the plants, the first 4 are fairly rare in the US, the first 3 almost never seen.

Bucephalandra Biblis
Bucephalandra Acentana

Hydrocotyle tripartita (Will carpet under high light)
Alternanthera reineckii

A ton of java ferns, several different varieties (lace, trident, wendelov)

A ton of anubias, barteri, nana, coffeefolia, probably some others.

Tons of red crypts (wendtii)

Red tiger lotus pop up from time to time.

Right now there is a bunch of amazon frogbit floating on the surface, this is what you're seeing in the picture hanging down, not algae.

Will also come with some root fertilizer tabs and whatever FW additives that I can find.

I might consider parting out if nobody is interested in the full setup. This is probably in the realm of $200 - $300 worth of plants alone, so not willing to come down on the price right now.

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Still not wanting to part out but may be happening at some point. Bumping thread. Lowering to $400, not going lower though. Will consider selling for $500 with the 4 bulb T5HO Tek Fixture.

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