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Cleaner wrasse and Female Hawaiian Elegant Wrasse


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Selling off a cleaner wrasse and an Elegant wrasse. Both will be finished with tank transfer method this Wednesday and will be free of ich. These are both fully QT'ed fish that are eating well. For a cleaner wrasse, it's like finding a unicorn, as they don't adjust to prepared foods well. [emoji4]

Cleaner wrasse - 3", $20 -pending

Eats frozen, small pellets, and nori. It is aggressive towards fairy wrasses and killed mine, but before that has been living peacefully in my tank for the past year with 15+ other fishes that it never bothered. It's always swimming around cleaning its fish friends.

Internet picture:


Elegant wrasse - 3.5", $40

Eats frozen and generally very active and smart fish. It is the smallest of the coris wrasses and generally considered reef safe compared to the other coris wrasses.

Internet picture:


My picture:


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