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Everything - Fish, inverts, coral and live rock


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Really trying to sell this as bundled as possible due to unplanned and unexpected move. I'm available most of the time between 9 am and 4 pm all next week. Catching the livestock with rock in place will be impossible.

All coral $175

Breaking down per piece price to show rationale

4 Supermans plus green mushroom $40

Five head frogspawn $35

Red mushroom $5

Unknown euphyllia $15

Green zoas/paly $25

Unknown zoas $15

Cherry bomb zoas $15

GSP and hairy mushroom rock $25

Kenya tree $5

Red acan $25

Green acan $20

Unhealthy red acan $Free

All Livestock and inverts $175

Breaking down per piece price to show rationale

Juvenile hippo tang $25

McCoskers Flasher Wrasse $25

Davinci clown pair $80

Firefish $5

Mandarin Dragonet (happily eats frozen mysis/brine shrimp, cyclopeeze, Rods) $30

Skunk cleaner $15

Peppermint shrimp $5

Porcelain crab $5

Turbo snail $3

Astrea snail $5

4 or 5 nassarius snails $15

7+ hermit crabs $5

All live rock

Unknown weight, what you see in the 40 breeder. Full of brittle stars, sponges, growing coraline


Everything listed for $350 or best earliest offer.

The clowns are bold but not biters. The wrasse will be docile if last introduced to a system. The firefish and hippo are skittish but peaceful. The Mandarin is fairly bold and EATS FROZEN :-)


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