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Dual picotope and stand


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I never had time to get these where I wanted them but am now unexpectedly moving and they've got to go. Would like to sell as a complete set up to someone that would appreciate.

Two 7.5 gallon Mr. Aqua tanks with levelling mats. Custom cloth wire hanging lighting with Par38 style bulbs, one white/blue for SW, one 6k daylight for planted FW.

Saltwater contains two sexy shrimp, a hermit crab and a chunk of live rock.

Freshwater contains Fluval substrate, genuine Seiryu stone in the iwagumi tradition, a little bit of java moss, 4 different color morph of fancy guppies and about 40 neocardina mandarin orange shrimp.

Filtration on the SW is a tetra 10 gallon HOB and the FW is a sponge filter with air pump. Extras and replacement cartridges of each. The SW is a little cloudy because I stirred up the sand accidentally.

The stand has tons of space for supplies, ATO reservoir (planned but never purchased), beautiful doors and galvanized pipe to hold the lighting. Planned to suspend air plants on the piping but never got to that either.

$225 or best earliest offer for everything. Need it gone by Friday.


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