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40 breeder complete system


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I am moving unexpectedly and will temporarily have to take a break from the hobby. Mature 40 breeder with 20 gallon sump and stand/storage. Corals and livestock listed below.

4 Supermans plus green mushroom

Five head frogspawn

Red mushroom

Unknown euphyllia

Green zoas/paly

Unknown zoas

Cherry bomb zoas

GSP and hairy mushroom rock

Kenya tree

Red acan

Green acan

Unhealthy red acan

Livestock and inverts

Juvenile hippo tang

McCoskers Flasher Wrasse

Davinci clown pair


Mandarin Dragonet (happily eats frozen mysis/brine shrimp, cyclopeeze, Rods)

Tuxedo urchin

Skunk cleaner

Peppermint shrimp

Porcelain crab

Turbo snail

Astrea snail

4 or 5 nassarius snails

7+ hermit crabs

Live rock - unknown weight, what you see in the 40 breeder. Full of brittle stars, sponges, growing coraline. Substrate is full of critters. No aptasia, no hair algae, no bubble algae.

The 40 breeder has a few significant scratches on the front pane. I bought the tank used and the lights were already disassembled so I missed that until I set it back up. The wavemaker literally just died so that will need to be replaced.

Corals and livestock alone are worth about $500. Selling the whole system without the Kessil for $500 or best earliest offer. With Kessil and gooseneck is $700. I'm open to parting out but need everything gone by Friday so trying this first.

I have been in night classes and working ten hour days for six months so most of my SPS are trash at this point but all the soft corals and LPS are thriving with the exception of the light red acan. He's been unhappy since before I got him and never recovered.


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Also forgot to mention it includes 6x 5 gallon jugs, 3 gallon jug, a 34 gallon Rubbermaid for mixing, an extra brand new pump, and a staggering amount of fish hobby ephemera (nets, tongs, scrapers, hose, food, carbon, GFO, a dual reactor, refractometer, hydrometer, etc etc etc)

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lol, sorry to hear it , cool tank think im going to save for a deal like that , piecing my building together hasn't gone as well as id hope : ) but all good dont think my filtering good enough i have to much green algae

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